2017 Empties!

Hello, hello! Here we are with the first post of 2018, which is about 2017 and the negativity and emptiness of it. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic, the topic is just empties of 2017, meaning things I managed to use up during the year. Here is a small disclaimer - I have A LOT … Continue reading 2017 Empties!

Вината е в YouTube! – 5 Продукта, Които Купих Заради YouTube!

Collection 16 Hour Wear Lasting Perfection Concealer

Здравейте всички! Прекрасната Веселина от Smileystylelady наскоро написа пост на тема "5 продукта, които купих заради YouTube"   и ме покани да споделя и аз своите покупки, повлияни от интернет. Трябва да избера само 5 неща...което ще е доста трудно, имайки предвид, че следя някои от любимите си блогъри и влогъри там от повече от 5-6 години, но … Continue reading Вината е в YouTube! – 5 Продукта, Които Купих Заради YouTube!

YouTube Made Me Buy It!

Collection 16 Hour Wear Lasting Perfection Concealer

Hi everyone! I've been tagged to do this post by the lovely Veselina from Smileystylelady and her post you can check out here. I am supposed to pick 5 products that I've bought because of YouTube...and I have no clue how am I going to mention only 5, considering that I've been following some of … Continue reading YouTube Made Me Buy It!

Shopping Haul – May 2017

Greetings! After it turned out that I've gone a bit overboard with the shopping during May (oh wow, big surprise...) and I couldn't fit all the products in one post, here is part two from the shopping haul for the month, a.k.a. where did my money go!? Starting with an old favourite that I'm purchasing … Continue reading Shopping Haul – May 2017

Ей я, пак с торбите! – Май 2017

Здравейте отново! След като се оказа напълно невъзможно да събера всички продукти в един пост, ето и продължението след първия, в който обобщих покупките от La Roche-Posay. Ей я, пак с торбите и още един куп неща, с които се сдобих през май! 🙂 Тук първи се вмъква един продукт, който купувам за втори път, а … Continue reading Ей я, пак с торбите! – Май 2017

February Favourites

I have no idea where February went but it is again time for monthly favourites! I actually had another post prepared for you, about eyeliners, but then noticed the date so decided that it's now or never. The other post will probably go up in the next couple of weeks so if it is something you'd … Continue reading February Favourites