Birchbox – August 2017

Birchbox UK August 2017 Mermaid

Hi everyone! After a short break in my BirchBox reviews, here I am with the August one! I skipped July as I wasn't home when the box arrived and afterwards it was already too late to post about it, but some of the products will be mentioned in my Favourites video next week, so stay … Continue reading Birchbox – August 2017

Thicker and Longer Hair – My Journey With Halier

Hi everyone! After writing my article about how I removed dye from my hair without strong chemicals, it is now time to chat a little bit more about hair again! Over the past month you might have noticed that I am posting a lot about my hair on Instagram (if you haven't, that means you're … Continue reading Thicker and Longer Hair – My Journey With Halier

Life is better at the beach! – Holiday Blog ’17 vol.1

Summer photoshoot at the beach, polka dots retro swimsuit, sunhat

Sunshine. Sea. Friends. Golden Retrievers. That pretty much summarizes the lovely couple of days I had last week. It was a short escape from the city, however I managed to see many of my friends and my family (funny enough, most of them live 500km away from this place, but they ended up being able … Continue reading Life is better at the beach! – Holiday Blog ’17 vol.1

YouTube Made Me Buy It!

Collection 16 Hour Wear Lasting Perfection Concealer

Hi everyone! I've been tagged to do this post by the lovely Veselina from Smileystylelady and her post you can check out here. I am supposed to pick 5 products that I've bought because of YouTube...and I have no clue how am I going to mention only 5, considering that I've been following some of … Continue reading YouTube Made Me Buy It!

Turning 27 – Thoughts And What I Got For My Birthday

BIrthday Present Supercar Driving Experience Lamborghini Ferrari GT-R Aston Martin

On the 2nd of June I turned 27. I spent the past week thinking whether I should do such post and in the end decided to go for it. More as a way to capture this moment, than an actual blog post with useful information, but if you feel like joining me for this memory … Continue reading Turning 27 – Thoughts And What I Got For My Birthday

Birchbox June 2017

One more month has passed and it is time for another Birchbox review! I must say I do quite like the products this month and pretty much all of them I will be using. The design is also lovely - everyone gets a BirchBAG in June and we've had the chance to choose between two … Continue reading Birchbox June 2017

Shopping Haul – May 2017

Greetings! After it turned out that I've gone a bit overboard with the shopping during May (oh wow, big surprise...) and I couldn't fit all the products in one post, here is part two from the shopping haul for the month, a.k.a. where did my money go!? Starting with an old favourite that I'm purchasing … Continue reading Shopping Haul – May 2017

Shopping Haul – La Roche-Posay

Welcome back to my little world! This month I started thinking about my favourite products and it turned out that many of them are actually new purchases, so I decided to do a haul post instead. I did go a bit crazy this month and bought perhaps a little too much skin care. Perhaps it … Continue reading Shopping Haul – La Roche-Posay

Q&A – Things you wanted to know about me

Here I am again but with a slightly more different post than usual - my first Q&A. Last week I asked you on  Facebook and Instagram what would you like to know about me and this is what happened 🙂 For how long have you been living in London and did you graduate there? I moved to London permanently … Continue reading Q&A – Things you wanted to know about me

Birchbox – May 2017

Aaaaaaand here we are again with the monthly Birchbox review! I must say that this box design is so far my favourite! Come on...white marble and rose gold...what more could you possibly want?! Also from this month they have changed their loyalty scheme so now you don't earn points as you review the products, but … Continue reading Birchbox – May 2017