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Project “DECLUTTER” – Make-Up and Skincare

I’ve woken up this morning and I cancelled my Birchbox subscription.
Why? Head to my Instagram to see.

Over the years I’ve accumulated an embarrassing amount of make-up and skincare product and I honestly keep forgetting what I have, so I never use them. I mean, it’s nice to have options, but my bathroom cupboard is overflowing and my dressing table and drawers are a mess. When I take a look inside I always find things that “Oh, I should really use that next time, it’s awesome”, but guess what? I don’t end up using it next time. Because I’ve forgotten about it.

dressing table make up declutter
Furniture – obviously from IKEA

If I say I don’t really buy make-up or skin care products, most people wouldn’t believe me. Actually, I really don’t. For the past year I can count the things I’ve bought on my fingers – my favourite eyebrow product, my moisturiser and my evening serum. That’s it. Oh, and stuff to remove make-up with, obviously, but that’s more of a necessity.

dressing table make up declutter drawer
You can see that the boxes from the Birchbox come handy when organising my drawers!

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t wear too much make up at work because of the type of my job. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to put a bit extra effort and use products that I normally wouldn’t, like bright lipstick, and the feedback from my colleagues has been adorable – every time I change the lip shade they compliment on it, so there we go – I’m trying to use up all my lipsticks and other cosmetics, because I feel sad leaving them in the drawer.

dressing table make up declutter drawer
All these, unfortunately, are not all products I have in the house – there are more in boxes and other drawers.

Apart from, obviously, creating more free space, there is another reason for my new challenge. I’ve had so many products going out of date when they are almost full, that it’s heartbreaking. We all have that really “fancy” foundation or lipstick, that we keep for “special occasions”. Well, stop doing that. Just make every day a special occasion and wear your best things, because otherwise you will end up throwing them away after keeping them in the drawer for 5 years.

dressing table make up declutter drawer
I will be shamelessly hiding my foundation stash and won’t be taking photos of it!

And last, but not least – small sample packages are adorable…but they create an extortionate amount of rubbish and some of them are not recyclable. My main goal is to try and be more environment-friendly and reduce the amount of waste that I’m creating – might not change the world, but it is still a small step forward!

dressing table make up declutter drawer
From Avon to Chanel

So, there we go. This is my little challenge to myself. You see how my drawers look now (although that’s not all of them, otherwise this would look more like a gallery, rather than a blog post, but you get a rough a idea), I guess I will update you in couple of months, if that’s something you’d like to see. Let me know whether you’d like me to do “Product Empties” posts or videos maybe?

Mells x

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