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Make Instagram “Real” Again – 30 Days Photo Challenge

Planned feeds, scheduled posts, strict colour combinations … this is what Instagram is nowadays. And while, yes, it is very pretty, I am kinda missing the old Instagram – the one we were using to actually post the NOW. The moment, the feeling…you could feel the mood through the colours and the filters chosen. Bright and sunny pic of the beach, followed by the dark and cozy look of a glass of wine next to the fireplace.

instagram challenge make it real again feed

Do you miss that, or is it just me?

While planned feeds and following a certain theme are important for many influencers/brands/bloggers and that does indeed make us follow them and admire their content, I do find myself sometimes missing the authentic feeling Instagram used to give me. The photos weren’t 3 months ago on your scenic trip to the mountains. You weren’t posting your pretty cake from 6 weeks ago just because now it fits with your gamma.

I find myself scrolling through old photos, trying to find one that will actually fit with the content I have planned to post. Visually. Why? Does that share my current mood and feelings? No. Does that bring me closer to my followers? No. Does that represent my real life? No. Even stories have become “fake” in that matter – now you can post photos from more than 24 hours ago.

So, I have decided for 30 days to try and revive the old way of instagramming. The actual, true meaning of it. And I would be very happy if you join me as well and share one photo every day for the next month (or, at least share just photos of the moment – same day, same place where you are). Yes, your feed will be “messed up”. Yes, some days will be “boring” and you won’t have any fancy moments to share…but so what?! Share the sunshine on your way to work, your cup of coffee, your outfit this day, what you got for lunch, the latest book you’re reading, your glass of wine, the raindrops on your window, the peaceful empty street outside your house, your favourite cozy blanket…anything around you. For 30 days look for what makes you happy around you and try to find something worth sharing every day.

Are you up for a challenge?

Follow mine and make sure you tag me in your photos and use the hashtag #30DaysRealFeed ! Day one is 1st of June!

Mells x

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