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The National Wedding Show 2018

Brides, unite!

Having potentially the longest engagement in history of World (or at least, that is how it seems to all my family, who are persistently moaning about us FINALLY getting married…), that means I get to go to the National Wedding Show more than once! Yay! Well, not that you can’t go there if you’re not getting married, but that would be a rather useless way to spend your money, right?

The National Wedding Show London 2018 cake
The Buttercup Bakery

So, after absolutely loving it last year, I got us some VIP tickets once again and me and me bridesmaid Jess dived into the dangerous world of anxious bridezillas, covered in tulle from the outside and cake from the inside. There was free cake. No questions asked.

This year we went with the clear mission to find bridesmaids dresses, invitations and get inspiration for the decorations. Last year we went with no mission. But you can still read the post here!

The National Wedding Show London 2018 The wedding lounge decrationThe National Wedding Show London 2018 The wedding lounge decration

Once again The Wedding Lounge had made a stunning presentation, but this was pretty much the only decoration that caught my eye. Absolutely nothing else, so that was quite disappointing.

The National Wedding Show London 2018 alice wedding invitations

In regards to the invitations – there were plenty of companies offering lovely designs! Some of them were handmade and were stunning, but you know what they say – everything comes with a price and in my mind I cannot justify paying for invitations the same amount of money I paid for bridesmaids dresses. Maybe you can…but in my experience those pieces of paper  usually get tossed somewhere in a kitchen drawer never to be seen again after the event. SO! I decided to print the invitations in Bulgaria, but also found a very lovely new company in the UK, that offers beautiful and simple designs at a very affordable price! Make sure you check out Alice Invitations!

The National Wedding Show London 2018 bridesmaids dresses catalkThe National Wedding Show London 2018 bridesmaids dresses catalk

Bridesmaids dresses are the doom of my life. Honestly, picking my wedding gown was a thousand times easier! Either the styles were ridiculous, or the colours didn’t match, or the quality was rubbish… We did pick in the end and they are all now ordered, but it was a true nightmare! I will make a separate post about that, possibly after the wedding, so I can show you my gorgeous bridesmaids in their full glory! So far I will say only that I ordered from David’s Bridal and my wedding gown is also from there.

Speaking of wedding dresses, once again we took a look at the best from all participating brands. Good news: all designs were absolutely stunning! Even better news: I did not like any dress more than I like mine! Always a win! 😀

The National Wedding Show London 2018 bridal gown ted baker
I did, however really love this Ted Baker dress, which is a rather non-traditional choice for a bridal gown. I was actually considering purchasing it to wear on other occasions (it is absolutely stunning, but my opinion is that you can wear beautiful colourful dresses anywhere, anytime, while rocking a white full length dress is once in a lifetime experience and you need to enjoy it!).

The National Wedding Show London 2018 confetti wedding goodie bag

Now, in regards to the goodies! As you might remember from last year, every visitor at The National Wedding Show gets a goodie bag. This time we got the Confetti Magazine, a hair tie, some snack bars (sooooooo delicious, I must find them and buy more!), biodegradable confetti, Freederm cream and an Aveeno sample. I must admit, this year I was quite disappointed. They still gave us some really good products and I am using them happily, however the value for money was a lot better last year, especially when it comes to the VIP gift bag.

The National Wedding Show London 2018 confetti wedding goodie bag

Check out my last year’s post to compare, but certainly they could have put a bit more effort this time. The products that we got are brilliant, especially the skincare, but I had really high expectations after last year. The Green Balm is fabulous, by the way, does miracles with my really sore from a cold nose!

And last, but not least, let’s finish this post with the most beautiful thing at the show:

the national wedding show bespokes car hire
Bespokes Car Hire


Mells x

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