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2017 Empties!

Hello, hello!

Here we are with the first post of 2018, which is about 2017 and the negativity and emptiness of it.

Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic, the topic is just empties of 2017, meaning things I managed to use up during the year.

Here is a small disclaimer – I have A LOT of products that I keep switching in my daily routine, so it’s really hard to actually use up something completely. There are also several products, that I won’t be showing here, because they’ve already been in my favourites during 2017, so you already know my opinion about them – I might just mention them as we go along and will leave links to the previous posts, you know – in case you feel like reading more of my sacred thoughts! Also, I’m not going to be sharing in details every bottle of shampoo or package of cotton pads that I’ve gone through, so yeah…take a look at the empty stuff I remembered to stash in a box under my vanity table!

Let’s start with the masks, huh?

Some are favourites, some are…huge regrets. In the pile you can spot some of my favourites – the Manefit Lavender Wrinke Lifting Mask (Darn, now you know my secret, I am actually 87!). I bought 5 more of them and I still absolutely love that product! From the same brand I also picked the Mugwort Astringent Pore Care mask and it was fabulous as well!

skin79 clean-on 2 step nose pack tiaki facemask balea tuchmaske anti-pickel peel off black mask lavender wrinke lifting manefit mugswort astringent pore care

Now, one complete disappointment – the Tiaki mask with Witch Hazel. Have you ever felt like the skin on your face is on fire and it is burning to your bone and you are completely convinced that you would have to design a superhero mask, develop a secret personality and hide behind it for the rest of your life? Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt. Who cares whether it worked or not.

A few words for Balea – many of you, who’ve used products from the brand know – their masks are amazing! Can’t really say anything else than that, I still have a few more from their range to try, but my only disappointment was the black peel off mask. Did not really do anything for me 😦

And last, but not least – the 2 step nose pack by Skin79 that I got with my birchbox. Again – not overly impressed by what it did to my pores. Maybe my pores are stubborn, maybe I haven’t yet found the miracle that’s going to clean them to my satisfaction. Not a bad mask in any case, but I’d love it if it had a bit better effect.

The other stuff!

You might have read my review about Halier’s products – well, I’ve finished those and if you’d like to know my opinion, click here. Another well-known product is the Fresher Skin foundation by Rimmel – check out the review here.

garnier skinactive micellar water kueshi hair mask rimmel fresher skin halier fortesse nuxe shower gel wunderbrow hand food soap and glory percy and reed hair spray vasanti brightenup vichy mineral89 serum

Few words for the other products, so I don’t bore you out of your mind – the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is always going to be a favourite, I think this is my 7th one? Not sure.
About Wunderbrow I’ve talked a lot already in Favourites and Hauls.

The Nuxe Shower Oil Prodigieux – it is lovely, smooth and really hydrates your skin to the point where it’s really not needed to use body cream or butter after showering (not that I do anyway, too lazy for that…). Absolutely perfect solution for someone who just can’t be bothered with the extra step in the skin care routine, reasonable price as well, so I might buy it at some point again.

Soap&Glory’s Hand Food. If you haven’t tried or at least smelled that hand cream, bloody put your boots on and go buy it, because you should not be allowed to exist like that! It has the most delicious scent ever, just like the rest of the products from the range, and you really need it in your home. Or handbag. Or whatever. I just keep buying it for the whole family.

Vasanti BrightenUp Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator – fancy name, eh? Good product! Cleans your skin, gets rid of dead cells – the usual. Revolutionary? Meh. Would I buy again? Meh – too many other things to try out!

*this is the moment I realised I should have done part 1 and part 2 of this post as it’s getting stupidly long*

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water for dry and sensitive skin. I’ve bought way too many bottles of this and I’m still using it. And loving it. Gets rid of make up, even waterproof one, even the Wunderbrow gel. Leaves my skin so soft, that sometimes I can’t be bothered to put night cream on it, as it is already nourished enough. Feels a bit oily, so if your skin is not dry to normal, perhaps it’s not the right product for you. Will I buy it again? Already have.

Vichy Mineral 89 Serum – this one came as a sample and I already have a second one of them. Very light, very fresh. I use it in the evening and in the morning before applying my make up (let me know if you’d like me to do a post about my skin care routine). I can’t say whether there are any visible changes, but it feels good, so thumbs up!

Kueshi Shine and Volume Mask – my lovelies, I can tell you, nothing makes my hair as smooth and alive as this little magic! Not sure about the volume part, but absolutely worth it! I’m just about to order it again and I can’t wait to use it – it really did miracles to my long dry hair!

Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray – Got this one as well in one of my Birchboxes. The hold is aaaaaaaamazing! Everything stays in place and when you decide to get rid of it, you just brush your hair and it’s done. Not sticky. Not itchy. Just fabulous! Now that I say that, I should order another one…

Well, well…that turned out to be a long post. Apologies!

Let me know if you like reading about what products I’ve used up and I can start making those posts more often. This year I’ve promised myself (ha, a resolution) that I’ll try to stop buying new cosmetic products and will actually finish whatever I have. Let’s see how that works out for me!

Thank’s for reading!

Mells xx


P.S. My photos are rubbish. No clue what’s going on. There you go – another resolution for 2018 – fix my bloody photography skills!

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