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The Reasonable Luxury – Mercedes C220d AMG Line Cabriolet

What do Wonder Woman and I have in common?

Well, apart from both of us being absolutely awesome (duh), if you’ve watched the new Justice League movie and you are a car fan, you probably already have figure it out – the convertible Mercedes.

Now, her amazing ride is the new E-Class Cabriolet and mine is it’s C-Class brother, that joined our family couple of months ago, as I mentioned in my previous blog post.

After long discussions at home and narrowing our options down to 3 cars, me and the future husband decided that’s we’re going to have an early midlife crisis with a sprinkle of common sense. Meaning, we got a gorgeous, rather impractical (as our friends, sitting at the back of the car would say) cabriolet with a reasonable engine. AMG line. Because reasons.

Here is the place to thank the amazing Rebecca Sides, General Manager of Inchcape Mercedes Benz for her help with picking the car and delivering it to us – she also makes very useful YouTube videos, so I highly recommend to check them out!

So, back to the car, with a little disclaimer that I am probably not going to give you the most organised information, but just my pure impressions!

Mercedes c220d AMG line convertible cabriolet girl black

We chose the Obsidian Black colour, which is a gorgeous black metallic and as an addition to the great look comes the exterior AMG line package and the lovely diamond grill you can see on this photo.

It also has the Mercedes Intelligent Light system, which, I must say, is absolutely amazing! Makes driving during the night such an easy and entertaining experience, and you would wonder why entertaining – because it never stops to fascinate me how the lights adjust by themselves constantly. You really need to see it to fully appreciate that option.

Mercedes c220d AMG line convertible cabriolet back exhaust system

Everyone can look up the dry technical specifications of the car on Google, but I will tell you my favourite features and what I loved about it in the past two months. See the small camera on the photo? It’s just the park assist, however, for some reason, I really love how it just pops out from the Mercedes logo.

Mercedes c220d AMG line convertible cabriolet girl heels 19 inch rims

One of my favourite features are the 19 inch AMG rims. I know…they are just wheels, but come on – they do give that extra sporty look to the car! Now, when it comes to practicallity…I would NOT recommend that option if you live somewhere where the roads are not perfect. With this car being so low and glued to the ground, the 19 inch rims just make sure that you will feel EVERY bump on the road. In the same time, though, for the same exact reasons (well, the sport suspension helps as well…), the Merc is very stable and dynamic on the road, ensuring those little country lanes are as fun as they could get! 😉

mercedes c220d amg line convertible cabriolet

When it comes to the engine, I think I should say a couple of words as well – it is a 2.1 twin-turbo with 168bhp, which gives enough power to make you happy when you switch to Sport+ mode and also is modest enough to make your wallet happy on ECO mode, dropping down the consumption to our personal best so far – 4.1l/100km.

mercedes c220d amg line convertible cabriolet interior

The transmission is manual due to my personal choices, perhaps an automatic would make most people happier, but I really really do like the old school way!

From the interior photo you can also see couple of awesome features, which make the car possible to drive with the roof down on a November day – the Air Scarf. The front seats have heating in the head rests, that blows nice hot air towards your neck and shoulders. Cozy!!!

mercedes c220d amg line convertible cabriolet interior steering wheel

There isn’t really much to say about how you feel driving or even just sitting in that car. Comfort. Luxury. Class. Well…unless you are on the back seat.

About that…you have two seats (yes, two, not 3, because the middle of the back seat is taken over by two cup holders, because where else would you keep your coffee during the trip? Or beer.) and I highly recommend that you don’t try to fit there for a ride longer than couple of hours if you are more than 170cm tall. It will work. But it will be uncomfortable. With my 185cm I am a permanent resident of the driver’s seat or the passenger one on the front but I ain’t got any other options! But, as I said, we did not buy this car for its practicality.

mercedes c220d amg line convertible cabriolet interior girl

Speaking of practicality, the boot of the car is reasonably sized, you can fit more if you keep the roof up, however you have to be really good at tetris, as the opening is quite small. On the bright side, there is a foldable basket coming with the car, so in case you’ve forgotten a shopping bag (AGAIN!!!), problem is sorted!

mercedes c220d amg line convertible cabriolet girl

And to summarize the experience in general – The Mercedes 220d AMG line Cabriolet is a brilliant choice for a couple with no kids, who appreciates comfort and performance, loves long rides and wind in the hair, but also wants to stay reasonable with the finances…as reasonable as buying a brand new Mercedes goes…But hey, yolo!

P.S. If you are a tall lady, keep in mind that getting in and out of this rather low car with a dress and 10cm heels requires some practice!

Let me know if you enjoy posts, that are not related to beauty products, but more connected to the lifestyle topic!

Mells x


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