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Life is better at the beach! – Holiday Blog ’17 vol.1

Sunshine. Sea. Friends. Golden Retrievers.

That pretty much summarizes the lovely couple of days I had last week. It was a short escape from the city, however I managed to see many of my friends and my family (funny enough, most of them live 500km away from this place, but they ended up being able to join me. And this is how you suddenly realise who your true fellows are).

Summer photoshoot at the beach, polka dots retro swimsuit, sunhat, golden retriever puppy
Elegant Vivian by Goldmell – one of the precious puppies from the last litter, currently 8 months old. Her “mom” is my dear friend and photographer Nina.

Since my parents were there with their motor home, so were my lovely 3 girls – Artemida, Ahinora and Astra. I was also fortunate enough to see many of my other babies from the kennel, so there were lots of golden cuddles…and hair.

golden retriever dog beach sand
Lorindely Artemida Kenigy – Artie. Our first girl and the smartest and most stubborn creature ever. Currently 9 years old


golden retriever dog beach sand
Arthemis’ Ahinora by Goldmell – Norry, Artie’s daughter from the first litter, the most caring and loving girl, turning 6 this year



golden retriever dog beach sand
Beloved Astra by Goldmell – Norry’s only daughter from her first litter, the most charming smile ❤ turning 3 this year

I think I managed to see 9 or 10 of my babies, which made me so so happy – once again huge thanks to all the lovely owners (all of them – now great family friends to us) for taking the time to visit ❤ I really hope I can see you all again very soon!

Do any of you have pets? I would love to hear more about them or even see photos, so please leave me a comment below ❤








Now back to the usual topics!
Before this holiday I bought online some stuff so it was pretty much mandatory for me to try them on (and take photos, obviously – pic or it didn’t happen!). I finally got a sun hat that I absolutely adore (talking about it in my June Shopping Haul video) and perhaps for the first time in 20 years I own a swimsuit and not bikinis! Well, I do own bikinis too, but not the point, this post is about the swimsuit! I got it from Boux Avenue (all my lingerie in the past 6 months I’ve bought from there and I am completely fascinated by their designs and fit! Let me know if you would like to see a separate post about them).


As you can probably see, if you follow my Instagram, I’ve finally cut my hair and it is now more acceptable length. It did grow too much in the past month and the reason for it I will be sharing in my next blog post.

Summer photoshoot at the beach, polka dots retro swimsuit, sunhat

Summer photoshoot at the beach, polka dots retro swimsuit, sunhat

I have some more photos and outfits to share with you, so let me know whether you like that type of blog posts ❤


Mells x

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