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Birchbox June 2017


One more month has passed and it is time for another Birchbox review!

I must say I do quite like the products this month and pretty much all of them I will be using. The design is also lovely – everyone gets a BirchBAG in June and we’ve had the chance to choose between two beautiful options – I got the green and purple one and it is absolutely beautiful! Quite good size as well and I think I will be definitely using it during my travels.


Every subscriber got a full sized eyebrow pencil this month by Meech and Mia. Mine is in shade #22 and it is a very good match for my brows. I applied it immediately after I got the box and I quite like it – is very soft but doesn’t smudge. Also stays on all day and it does look natural. I will definitely be using it along with my other two favourite products for brows – the Wunderbrow and Bourjois Sourcil Brow Pencil.


Another product that I got is the Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream. Now…I have a little bit of a love-hate relationship with this product. When I first applied it I nearly threw it away because of its scent. It is sooooo strong and kind of herbal, so it is really hard to not wash your hands straight away (then again, this is just my opinion, I read some reviews in which people say they absolutely adore the smell…). I left it on my hands, however, and it made them so soft and moisturised that I am really not sure what to do with that cream! Can I live with the scent in the name of soft hands? Perhaps…I am not convinced yet, but we will see.


Amika Perk Up – Yet another dry shampoo! Many subscribers are not happy that they keep getting dry shampoos in their boxes. I feel the same way about body lotions. Dry shampoos, however,  (and pretty much any hair product) are more than welcome in my home. I do have (as you might have noticed) quite long hair and it is rather heavy, so I use dry shampoo and texturizing sprays to add volume in the roots. Also I usually wash it every 3-4 days as it doesn’t really get greasy and oily, but I like to extend that time with 1 day using dry shampoo because my ends can be quite dry if I wash it too often and also my scalp gets irritated. So, long live hair products! This particular one I haven’t tried out yet, but I will be keeping it in my hand bag for touch-ups on the go!


Scrub Love Coconut Mango . About this product I had strict instructions on the leaflet to use in the bathroom as it can get a bit messy lol 😀 So I haven’t opened it yet, but come on – mango, coconut…coconut, mango…you can’t go wrong with that combination! It has all natural ingredients and coconut oil in it to soothe your skin and prevent irritation so it will definitely be something interesting to try. I will be including it in product empties post once I use it (oooor perhaps in monthly favourites if it is good enough?) so keep an eye out for a more detailed review!


And last but not least – Arrow Waterproof eyeliner – Bright Now. A very lovely soft pink eyeliner to brighten up your eyes and make them appear larger and more awake. It is indeed waterproof, as when I swatched it on my hand I could barely manage to wash it off in the shower. It is a little bit harder so applying it on the waterline this morning did not work quite so well, but I am determined to find a way to successfully use it – I will let you know how it goes! The product is also advertised as vegan (good), paraben-free (better), cruelty-free (good), and gluten-free (?!??! No clue why is important for make-up to be gluten-free, but oh, well!).

So, those were all my products from this month’s box. Everyone also gets a voucher for 15% off from Trouva, so that is a good additional bonus!

I am looking forward to the July box, it is said to have some Benefit Cosmetics treats in it, so I am quite excited!

If you would like to join Birchbox, you can get £5 OFF of your first box by clicking HERE.

Enjoy your week!

Mells x

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    1. Надявам се да разширят скоро обхвата! Понякога не е нищо особено кутията, но повечето пъти има доста интересни неща!


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