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Shopping Haul – La Roche-Posay

Welcome back to my little world!

This month I started thinking about my favourite products and it turned out that many of them are actually new purchases, so I decided to do a haul post instead.

I did go a bit crazy this month and bought perhaps a little too much skin care. Perhaps it is the season change, perhaps it is the bipolar British weather…but my skin hasn’t been at its best behaviour in the past few months.
Since in the beginning of the year I bought two products from La Roche-Posay and absolutely loved them (You can read my opinion about them in my April and January Favourites), I made an executive decision and purchased an embarrassing amount of new products from their range during May. All the promotions in Boots did not help and this is how I ended up with aaaaaaaall those treasures 🙂
Small disclaimer – I actually purchased even more products from other brands but once I tried to write this post and include everything in it, it turned more into a novel worthy competing with the length of The Lord Of The Rings, so we’re dividing my shopping spree results into two posts! Enjoy reading volume 1 🙂

My favourite product from January – the Hydraphase Intense Serum, found its way back to my home with a second bottle. Since I’ve run out of it I tried using Caudalie’s serum instead, but it had absolutely no effect for me, so I decided to go back to La Roche-Posay’s one. I now use it only in the evening, although it could be used under make up as well, just in the mornings I have different skin care routine – I use the Anthelios gel SPF 50 and the other one is a product that came as a gift with my order from Boots:

La Roche-Posay Redermic R UV SPF 30 – I need to say I am impressed. If you decide to use this, you have to keep in mind it has retinol in it, so some people can be sensitive to it. For me it works like a magic! Generally the Redermic range is created for more mature skin than mine, when the wrinkles are quite visible. I decided to use it like a targeted prevention because my skin is really dry and now with even minor dehydration the fine lines are starting to be obvious around the mouth and my forehead (I refuse to call them wrinkles!!! 😀 ). Another important thing to keep in mind for retinol products is that you have to keep away from sunshine after application, so this formulation with SPF 30 is absolutely brilliant for daytime use (they also have the same cream but without the SPF).

watermarked-IMG_1818Another happy purchase from the Redermic range is the eye cream. Worth. Every. Penny.
In this area I have no fine lines whatsoever, however I do have quite dark undereye circles as my skin is really pale and almost transparent. Whenever I forget to use concealer, people just ask me what is wrong with me and whether I am sick. Rather annoying! Two days after starting to use this, however, for the first time in quite a while I actually walked out of the house without putting any make up under my eyes. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it does really work for me – I’ve been using it for a bit over two weeks and I don’t think I have ever found something better for my skin than this. My undereye area is so smooth and soft, I just can’t wait to see the long term effects of it. Highly recommend!

My obsession with the Anthelios range spreads. I ordered the Anthelios Sunscreen Face Mist SPF 50  after one day I had put all my make up on and then realised I’ve forgotten to apply any sun protection on my skin. My hope is that this spray would be good to use in such brainless moments and also to top up my protection during the day when I am out in the sun for a very very long time. I still haven’t tested it but I will report my thoughts once I do!

After having said around 943724307 times how much I love the Anthelios Anti-Shine Cream gel SPF, here I am with the tinted version! My plan was to use it in the hot summer days when I really can’t be bothered to wear foundation. I’ve tried it 2-3 times so far and I must say it is a tricky thing with the colour as there is only one shade. My skin is VERY pale and it does look a little bit too dark for it, however once you blend it really well, it looks very natural and it does have a nice light coverage. It stays on all day and it feels literally like nothing on my skin so so far I absolutely love it.

The more, the merrier. Why not buy another cream?! This time I chose a product from the Effaclar range – the Anti-Imprefection Corrector. I really rarely get break outs and generally my skin is quite even, however few weeks ago I got a very annoying one and it was so painful and stubborn that I just needed to finally buy something that could help next time I get something similar. I will report on the effect once I’ve tested the product properly!

And last, but not least, I chose the Make-up Remover Milk for sensitive skin. I usually take off my make up with micellar water (my favourites are by Garnier and so far I haven’t had the chance to try one by La Roche-Posay), and afterwards I wash my face with Vichy’s 3in1 cleanser. Sometimes, however, I do still feel like there is still some product on my face, which is why i got this milk. It is so gentle and leaves your skin soft and hydrated, I love using it before applying the serum. It also does not irritate my eyes at all, and they are so sensitive that they get irritated even by just water. Loving it so far!

This was a SHORT description of the products I bought from La Roche-Posay, stay tuned for the post with the rest of my May purchases 🙂

Mells x

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