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Q&A – Things you wanted to know about me

Here I am again but with a slightly more different post than usual – my first Q&A. Last week I asked you on  Facebook and Instagram what would you like to know about me and this is what happened 🙂

  1. For how long have you been living in London and did you graduate there?
    I moved to London permanently in March 2015 after I completed my Masters Degree back in Bulgaria.  I had been thinking previously whether to go and study abroad but in the end I chose to stay and study there.
  2. What products do you use before blowdrying your hair?
    Ah, my hair care is almost as long as my hair.
    I always apply heat protector, at the moment I’m using one from  Tresemme, it also helps you style the hair. watermarked-IMG_1837
    On my roots I use a product from the same brand, I absolutely love it and it gives me plenty of volume, but you really need to blow dry your hair, otherwise it feels a little bit weird. Unfortunately I can’t find it anymore on the market but I hope Tresemme will release something similar.
    To prevent split ends and to be able to actually brush my hair I absolutely love applying Avon’s argan oil therapy. I’ve tried many similar products but none of them work as good as this one. As it is very long, my hair tends to get a bit dry at the ends but they don’t split almost at all.
    Sometimes I like to change routines and try different products, but my hair care habits could fill a whole blog post so let me know if you’d like me to write one and explain in depth what I do and which products I use.
  3. Have you used natural/bio foundation?
    Very interesting question! I’ve tried couple of bio cosmetic products and I have been…unimpressed. Especially after the last lip primer by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, which not only smelled horrible, but also made my lipstick look uneven and blotchy. I did, however, do a little research about bio foundations but could not find anything else than a BB cream, so I will continue looking. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
  4. Do you have experience with castor oil and if yes, what do you use it for?Имаш ли опит с рициновото масло и ако да, за какво го ползваш?
    I do have some vague memories of using castor oil in my childhood but apart from that this is one oil that I haven’t tried…just because I haven’t thought of it! Almond, coconut, olive oil, name it and I am sure I’ve had it at some point im my routine, however castor oil is a complete stranger to me and I should perhaps change that!
  5. How do you manage with the life in England and what does it cost you? Was it hard for you to establish yourself as a professional?
    I would say I am managing a lot better than many people would think. It is a very popular belief that, as an emigrant, I am sad and miserable, unaccepted and hated. That I hate my job and nobody respects me because I am a foreigner. That I live in misery and I can barely afford to survive.
    I am not going to start to explain what I have and how much I earn, that does not matter. What matter is, that I love what I’m doing and how my life is turning out. I found some great friends here and my clients treat me with respect (something which would have been a lot harder to earn in Bulgaria – if you’ve tried speaking to the average pet owner there, you’d understand what I mean). And the cost…I miss my family, my dogs and friends back there. My little babies – Artie, Norry and Astra and all my treasures from Goldmell Kennel (I haven’t mentioned it so far, but my family has an FCI registered kennel for Golden Retrievers).
    I do manage to find balance – the flight from London to Sofia is 3 hours, which makes traveling there extremely easy.
    And as far as establishing myself as a veterinary surgeon…my profession requires constant learning and developing. That process never ends. I was, however, very lucky and I found a job quite quickly after I graduated. I did have to figure out really quickly how to deal on my own with different complicated situations, but that just accelerated my learning process. A year and a half later I am a sole charge vet in a newly opened practice, owned by a large vet company.
    A whole post about my job is being prepared, so stay tuned for that 🙂
  6. What do you eat at home? Does the food bring you together? Who cooks and who cleans?
    Hmmm, we eat…everything 😀 We don’t have any dietary restrictions and pretty much eat whatever we feel like, however we’re trying to buy more good products but it still happens to quickly toss a frozen pizza in the oven once or twice a week (with some extra cheddar!) Other than that, I’ve realised that recently I am eating sea food or fish for lunch almost every day (salmon or cod with potatoes and veggies or prawns with asparagus are my favourite). In the evening we usually eat something more nutritional (steaks, lasagna or roast etc. …if we’re not having pizza :D).
    Whether it brings us together…well, I am a very hangry person, so the fiance has developed really quick reflexes – the moment I start getting hungry, he tosses some food my way, which calms me down 😀 So yeah, it does bring us together, because it is making me not wanting to kill everyone in the house 😀

    Cooking and cleaning…we’re trying to balance with both, if one cooks, the other cleans. I am definitely not the Master Chef at home, I can cook a few successful dishes but that’s pretty much it. But generally, considering that we’re both very busy, whoever has the time – cooks. Ideally we do it together and help each other. About the cleaning – that lovely task falls to the dishwasher.

    Some of the questions are similar to those I’ve answered in two interviews for two lovely and amazing bloggers, so I am leaving links below in case you are curious

    Elishka World 

If you’re interested in reading more similar posts, just let me know and send me your questions 🙂

Have an amazing week!

Mells x

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