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Birchbox – May 2017

Aaaaaaand here we are again with the monthly Birchbox review!

I must say that this box design is so far my favourite! Come on…white marble and rose gold…what more could you possibly want?!

Also from this month they have changed their loyalty scheme so now you don’t earn points as you review the products, but when you do so, you get free delivery on items from their shop. Also if you’ve been a subscriber for more than 6 months, you become a VIP and get 15% off from any item in the shop (if you are a subscriber for less than that, you get 10%). There are many changes and new perks, so you can read more about them here  and if you decide you want to join the Birchbox family, you can get £5 off from your first box by clicking here.

The first product in the box this month was a Clean-On 2 step Nose Pack from SKIN79. I haven’t tried it yet but it has really good reviews and I am looking forward to testing it. Fighting blackheads is an endless challenge, especially if I have neglected my skin care cleaning routine in the evening for couple of days and so far I have couple of favourites that save me in such situations, so I am really curious if that’s going to be a new favourite.


The Kueshi Shine&Volume Hair Mask is something that caught my attention but also woke up my scepticism. The last time I tried a product that was supposed to give me volume and shine in the same time turned out as a complete disaster so I am curious to try this one out but in the same time I am mentally prepared to absolutely hate my hair and run back in the shower to wash it again. We shall see and I shall report on that topic!


Yet another body cream – Whish Rice Milk Firming Body Cream. Here I wasn’t too excited, I must admit. I really am getting a little bit bored receiving body creams or shower gels in every single box, so I hope if someone from Birchbox is reading this, they will finally stop sending the same things over and over again. This is so far the third product from the brand and I am pretty sure I will just toss it in the drawer and never bother to use it – not because it is a bad product or because the other ones were horrible, quite the opposite – I really liked them. It is, however, just getting really really boring receiving similar products from the same brand over and over again. It takes away the excitement element and that, my dear Birchbox people, is half of the joy and the reason why you sell not only your boxes, but also your full sized products. On top of it, this body cream is out of stock. Sooo…why bother sending it in the boxes, if you can’t provide it to your clients?! (On that note, the hair mask and the eye shadow from this box are also out of stock…?!)


Now, here is the one product that everyone got the chance to choose this month – the Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow – either a light champagne shade, or this one, called Fifty Shades. Usually I am a bit sceptical when it comes to mineral eyeshadows.  The creators of this product seem to be aware of the downsides as well, as their description starts with “Mineral eyeshadows have a bit of a reputation for being messy and time-consuming. But, these all-natural formulas from Marsk are well worth spending a couple of extra minutes with.”.
Yes, it is messy. Yes, it is time-consuming. It usually takes me around a minute to apply eyeshadow in the morning and I was stupid enough to try this one out with the same time expectations. Well, I was nearly late for work. The colour is beautiful and it is very buildable. Be careful – a little goes a long way. What I am not overly happy about, is that the blending was a nightmare – it kept looking a bit patchy and I did put powder primer underneath. Perhaps with a bit more patience it would look better. Don’t get me wrong, my make up did not look bad at all, I just have other shadows that are easier to blend and give better results. Having said that, my eyeshadows never crease. Ever. Doesn’t matter whether they are Chanel or Avon, they never do. Weeeeeell, except that one. By the end of the day the situation was terrible (you do still remember I also applied primer, which I don’t normally do!) and I was more than happy to wipe that product from my eyelids.  With all that being noted, that is still a 100% natural product so it would work well for people with very sensitive eyes who can’t wear other eyeshadow (I have ridiculously sensitive eyes but apparently they love all types of sparkly stuff on the lids?!).


Aaaaand last but not least, here is my absolute favourite from this month’s box – the Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara. It has a huuuuuge brush so you need to be careful with it, however if gives amazing volume and length. That lasting power is wonderful too, 12 hours after application it is still where it’s supposed to. No flaking. No smudging. I really have only good things to say about this product!


That was it for this month, let’s see what June has for us and I am really excited to try the new loyalty scheme and see if it’s worth it.

Enjoy your week!

Mells x

4 thoughts on “Birchbox – May 2017

  1. You’re getting me so excited to try the items in my Birchbox! I’ve got a big day at work tomorrow and I’m hoping the Marsk eyeshadow doesn’t cause any bad creasing! 🙈

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