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Coffee and The Blog

“Behind every successful woman there is a substantial amount of coffee.” – Stephanie Piro

Behind every ambitions blogger – as well! 😀
This week we’re talking coffee and its part in my life as a veterinary surgeon and blogger.

Years ago I must admit I used to hate coffee and I couldn’t possibly imagine that I would actually enjoy drinking it one day. In high school, step by step, I started discovering the little joys of this hot drink, and later in the University I was a full on caffeine addict (which, to be honest, is around 60% of the reason for my success there).

Things haven’t changed much since then – I am not allowed to drink more than one cup per day (fine, I am not allowed more than 3-4 cups per week but we’re not mentioning the days when I have even more than one a day…). Usually I get up around 7 (6:30-7:30 is the interval but I won’t get into details as my routine is a subject of another post), I get ready and I go to work, arriving at the clinic around 8:40. When I am there, I finally make myself some coffee and go through my emails, Facebook and Instagram.
Unlike most people, I don’t like to have coffee straight after I wake up. It’s the same during the weekend – if I do have a cup, it will be in the late morning. This way I can actually enjoy the drink so much more!

Usually after the morning cup there is a 10 hours working day ahead of me, in which I have no clue what’s going to happen and what poorly animal will walk through the door, so, you understand – I need to be rather adequate. On the days when I’m at home, I do love to slowly enjoy my coffee while getting ready for my day.
It is also not unusual for me to grab a cup in the late afternoon, as I’ve figured out it doesn’t really mess with my sleeping habits – if I need to sleep, there is no power on Earth to stop me! I do remember, however, that in the University we were told that coffee wakes up only certain percent of the people, and makes the rest actually sleepy. I am not sure in which group I should be classified, but I love coffee, I love the scent and I associate it with that part of the day, when it’s ME time! Oh, funny fact – I absolutely hate coffee in chocolates and cakes…

Last month from  Martines Caffe were so kind to send me two of their products to test and since they turned out to be quite awesome, I decided it’s time for another non-beauty post (the previous ones were about Wellington Boots and “iPhone 7 through the eyes of an Android user”).

Martines Caffe are founded in 2005 as a trading company and in 2008 they start baking and packaging their own coffee. In the beginning of this year they released their new website and online store for coffee, consumables and accessories, where you can find the two products I tried. (I am not sure whether they deliver outside of Bulgaria but if you’re interested you can always drop them a message – they’re awesome with replying to any queries!)

My first choice was the attractive  Peru Chanchamayo, which origins from the Chanchamayo valley. It is 100% Arabica and I must say it’s my favourite. It has a very delicate, lovely and rather sweet flavour and I could absolutely skip adding more sugar. It tastes a bit chocolate-y. Even while still grinding it (because I do prefer to grind the coffee beans myself) the lovely warm scent just fills the whole kitchen. This is definitely my weekend choice, for the cozy moments when you just want to relax, read a book, watch some series and just enjoy a quiet day…and of course catch up with the posts on Instagram and Facebook!

The second pack of coffee that I received was the “Martines Espresso D’oro”. Dark. Strong. Powerful! And since I can’t describe it better than its creators, here are their words – “combines the sweetness of the caramel and the slightly sour apricot favour”. This is a brilliant choice for true coffee addicts, who love espresso. The taste is so intense and sharp that you feel energized from the first sip. If a coffee could be administered through my veins, that one would have been my choice!

Both products I really enjoyed and highly recommend for you to try if you are a coffee lover!

What is your drink of choice in the mornings? 🙂

Mells x


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