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April ’17 Favourites

Yet another month is nearly gone! This time I managed to write the post on time, so 10 points for Gryffindor!

It’s been a super busy month at work and at home, so I haven’t had too much time to try out new things, however there are 3 beauty favourites that stand out from the rest, as well as one home favourite. Enjoy reading!

Spectrum Collections Marbleous Tulip Eye Contour Brush – C06

This product has been previously mentioned when I first got it in my February Birchbox. It was love at first sight, however at that point I hadn’t tested it yet and we were just at the point of snuggling in our relationship. Long story short, things escalated quickly and we’re now inseparable! SO. SOFT. I am literally using it every single time I apply eyeshadow – all over the lid, under the brows, just in the crease – surprisingly, this brush can do everything! I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, as it looks quite big and fluffy, but it does quite good job at defining the crease. Sometimes eyeshadow brushes can be a bit too hard and they hurt my sensitive eyelids (to match my soul 😀 ) but this little buddy is absolutely perfect. I really can’t stress enough how much I adore it, so let’s put it this way – Spectrum Collections are releasing a 35 piece set in May and I have my Visa ready. Even though I don’t know the price. (I hope fiance is not reading that)

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Sun Cream Gel SPF 50+
My life is complete! I have found it! It is light, it dries quickly once applied, it is not greasy, does not clog the pores, makes the foundation last longer and actually improves the state of my skin! I can’t even believe I like it so much – it was a rather impulse buy last week while me and my mom were unleashed in Boots. I’ve been looking for a nice face cream with high SPF (as I’ve already mentioned – Snow White can only envy me) for aaaaaages and I am so happy I’ve finally found something really good! I’ve used it every single day since I got it and it really does keep my foundation on my face longer, it is not sticky at all and when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks a lot better than before (and this is the only thing I’ve changed in my skin care recently). It does say it is for oily skin, however mine is quite dry and it still works really well – so far I haven’t noticed any dry patches at all. You really don’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your face and to me it looks like it blurs and minimises the pores as well. I’ve worn it so far with two foundations – the Armani Power Fabric and the ASTOR Skin Match Protect (which was kindly sent to me by and there is a blog post coming up about it so keep an eye on my page). For both of them it did make a difference and did make them last a lot longer.
La Roche-Posay do make a tinted version too, so I plan on trying that as well. There is also a version for dry skin but I am not sure it will be so light and quick drying, but if you’d like something more moisturising – give it a go.

Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip in Lusty Rose

I mentioned it when I received a sample with my March Birchbox and since then I’ve managed to test it on several occasions. Let’s start with the fact that I’m the worst person when it comes to lip products. I have tons of them and I always forget to use them. If you’ve seen me wearing bright lipstick on a photo on Instagram or Facebook, you’d think – naaaah, you wear lipstick all the time! Wrong. I just take selfies every time I wear lipstick! 😀 Recently, however, my lips have been really dry and horrible, so I’ve been trying to apply something every day and the best so far has been the Benefit Double the Lip lipstick. It is said to be a two in one product – lip liner and lipstick in one. I am not sure how lipliner-y the darker shade is, but it does create a lovely ombre effect, which makes the lips look fuller and pretty much it looks like I’ve put a lot more effort in my make up than I’ve actually had. It lasts quite a while – currently it is 2pm and I’ve been wearing it since 7:30am this morning. I’ve had coffee and I’ve had salmon with sauce for lunch. The lipstick is still there. It is a little bit tricky to properly apply it on the bottom lip as you have to flip it upside down, but with a bit of practice it’s not a big deal.

IKEA Malm Chest of 6 Drawers and Dressing Table

Last but not least – I have a furniture favourite! This month I’ve been occupied pretty much constantly with our adventure of getting a house and moving. 100% of my days off I’ve spent at IKEA, B&Q, Lakeside etc. My main excitement was renovating the bedroom and organising my little (okay, not so little…) make-up corner according to my needs and liking, and I must say it turned out wonderful (let me know if you’d like me to do a post about it, or make-up collection/storage post). There are still little bits and bobs to be fixed but in general I am very happy with the result. Huge role in the process played IKEA as I managed to find there the perfect furniture for my beauty station.
The chest with drawers we bought last year and we moved it to our new house, so it just got reorganised, but it fits the interior perfectly. By absolute accident I came across the dressing table of the same collection and they matched beautifully. So functional and convenient, so pretty! The quality is quite good too and both items are quite stable. The chest of drawers looks brand new after a year of use, so I would highly recommend it!

Now I’m looking for organisers for the drawers and especially for my foundations collection – if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

See you next week! 🙂

Mells x

6 thoughts on “April ’17 Favourites

    1. Много се чудех дали да не взема Алекс, но този ми се струва доста по-практичен. Отгоре е и с огледало, което не ползвам много, но е практична опция да имаш

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  1. Прекрасно review, Мел!
    Ще чакам отзивите за tinted version-a на La Roche, въпреки че за този сезон се бях насочила към еквивалента му на Bioderma…

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    1. Мерси, Марти! Смятам в най-скоро време да се сдобия и с тази версия! Иначе и аз обмислях този на Биодерма…но La Roche-Posay просто ми се изпречи пред очите 😂


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