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Birchbox – April 2017

Ah, Birchbox and my adventures with it. This time it arrived quite quickly, I got it in the first week of the month! For April they’ve collaborated with Boden to create a beautiful colourful design which I will be using in this post as my background!

As you know, last month I was quite disappointed with my box (see why here) and I was hoping that this month’s would be better so I don’t have to cancel the subscription. This time they promised us two full sized products. One was obvious – the NIP-FAB corrector. The second one was supposed to be a MannaKadar product that each of us had the option to chose – powder or highlighter/bronzer duo. I chose the powder.




  1. Manna Kadar HD Powder
    I don’t know whether you can imagine the size of it, but this is tiny. Birchbox claim that it is indeed the full sized product, MannaKadar seem to be agreeing with that…but that situation just creates more questions. First – how on Earth would you actually apply that powder?! It is tiny. 3 grams. 0.1 o.z. My average powder brush is twice the size of it and it is absolutely impossible to properly grab product on it. Also, on the website this is supposed to be £29. The packaging and the plastic are so cheap that there is no way you can justify the price of this no matter how lovely the product could be (if you actually find a way to use it?!). If you’ve seen the SEVENTEEN Cosmetics sample blushes that they used to give free with purchase of other product in Boots couple of months ago – this reminds me of them. Cheap, horrible plastic (blush was lovely, though!). Appropriate for a free sample, not for a full sized product!
    Not worth it.
    End of story!
  2. Nip+Fab Colour Corrector in Banana
    Couple of weeks before receiving the box I saw on Instagram that NIP-FAB have launched a make-up line and I was really excited to try it, so getting my hands on this item was really awesome! For absolutely no reason I was quite sceptical (Mell logic…) but I am happy to report I was proven wrong! The corrector applies on the skin BEAUTIFULLY! It is creamy and with good coverage, does not interfere with my foundation and is quite long lasting! I got the shade Banana, so it is supposed to have an illuminating effect and I used it under my eyes. Quite happy with the results!
  3. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
    I tried it this morning. And I am devastated. Not because it is a bad product…it is a great product! It is absolutely fabulous! It made my hair so thick, voluminous and amazing, just worked like nothing I’ve used so far! Actually, this is the product that made me not cancel my subscription. But why am I devastated? Just take a look at the price.
  4. Baija Paric Creme Moana
    Nothing too exciting on that front, yet another body cream. It smells lovely and it does make my skin very soft, but it just didn’t wow me. I think Birchbox have included too many body creams so far and it is starting to get a bit boring. But if you’re looking for a similar product with nice floral scent – go for it!
  5. Polaar IcePure Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton
    Lovely, sweet scent. Gently exfoliating. I can’t say that it makes any fascinating difference, however it is quite pleasant to use. Would I purchase it? Probably not – it is a good product, but I have other favourites which I like more.

With half the month already gone I am counting the days until the next box arrives and I hope there are some lovely good quality products there!

If you’d like to join BirchBox, you can get £5 off your first box by clicking here.

Are you subscribed to any monthly boxes?

Mells x

4 thoughts on “Birchbox – April 2017

  1. Fab read! I completely agree about the Manna Kadar compact – I went for the bronzer and highlighter duo but I can barely get my huge bronzer brush into the product! Lucie x

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