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March Favourites

I blinked and March was gone!

Better late than never, here I am with my monthly favourites for this month! There are plenty of skin care items as changing the time and the season has been stressful for my skin and good cleansing and hydration were essential – let me know which are you current skin care favourites in the comments below!

As you can see, we’re using a different background this month instead of the good old white – dreamy blue sky and sparkly stars to prepare us for those lovely summer nights that are coming!

  1. Vichy Normaderm 3-in-1 Cleansing+Scrub+Mask
    I bought this couple of months ago and got to fully test it in the past weeks. I must say I can be quite lazy when it comes to properly cleaning my face in the evening and I usually use just micellar water and then wash it, but this product makes my skin feel sooo good that I am actually looking forward to using it. As it says n the packaging – it can be used as scrub, cleanser and mask – all depends how you apply it. I usually use it while showering and make sure I massage it well on my face for about a minute so it can get rid of all the dead cells. Two times a week, usually when washing my hair, I leave it for around 4-5 minutes while waiting for my conditioner to work.
  2. Manefit Lavender Wrinkle and Lifting Mask

    I bought this form the BirchBox shop couple of months ago alongside two other products (one of them is the next favourite). Now…this is the most amazing sheet mask in the world! My skin was so soft and moisturized after using it, that I couldn’t really believe it. It is absolutely stunning how well this product works! The downside…I can’t get hold of it again! It is out of stock everywhere, I tried messaging the company – nothing. Absolutely devastating! Please, please, please – if anyone, who has any ideas where can I order this from, is reading this blog – leave me a comment below!
  3. REN Skincare Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
    Same order from the BirchBox shop, different mask! Apparently, it is one of REN’s most popular products. And for a reason! When first applied you can feel a very weird sensation – a bit of tingling on the skin, but it is not unpleasant in any way. After you remove it, it leaves your skin very soft, bouncy and … just alive. Also, to me at least, the effect lasts for the next couple of days. Highly recommend!
  4. Balance me Radiance Face Mask
    I got this in one of my monthly boxes from Birchbox (how many times can I mention it in one post?!). I think right after using this for the first time I was chatting with Merry from Berry’s Place on Instagram and my reaction was – “I HAVE NO PORES!” 😀 That, as a comment is pretty much enough!
    (Just noticed that they have changed packaging and now it says 99% natural instead of 98% natural…oh well, the more natural, the merrier!)
  5. Aussie Repair Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner
    For more than a year I was using Tresemme’s shampoo and conditioners but recently I decided to try something different and picked those gems up from Boots. I think I will be sticking to them for a while! They make my hair very soft and easy to brush (and if you’ve seen photos of my hair of Instagram or Facebook, you understand this is usually a challenge). As a bonus, the scent is absolutely amazing – to me it smells like bubble gum, but the type we used to have when we were kids. It also lasts at least 2 days after I wash my hair, so thumbs up!
  6. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
    I got this travel size in one of my BirchBox monthly boxes. Left it in my drawer for months as I was quite happy with my current mascara, but in the end decided to try it. I will just say – FABULOUS! Makes your lashes thick and very…very black. Adds just the right amount of clumping (if you like that effect…in moderation, of course, nobody likes looking like they have 3 huge lashes. I hope.). Stays on for the whole day, does not smudge or flake. Will be totally purchasing it!
  7. Iron Fist
    Surpriiiiise! No, I am not talking about a very disturbing object, in case you haven’t clicked on the link. Last month we binge-watched it at home and I really really liked it! So if you’re into that kind of series – go to Netflix now!


That’s all for my March Favourites, let me know which one were yours and definitely share with me if you decide to try any of mine! Love hearing feedback ❤

Mells x

P.S. Surprisingly, this post hasn’t been sponsored by BirchBox in any way, and unfortunately I’ve become quite disappointed in their service recently, but a review of their April box will be up soon! If you haven’t read the post about the March one – click here!

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