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What’s in my bag?

Women’s bags are mysterious black holes, whose ability to permanently and irreversibly hide things is almost as fascinating as the same one of the laundry machines when it comes to socks.

I’ve read many similar blogs and I’ve always been curious what do other ladies carry in their bags, so I decided to do a post myself.

The bag that I will be talking about is the one I use for going to work – big enough to fit A4 format, navy colour with white polka dots. It has one big compartment with smaller ones inside for the phone (presumably?) and one with a zipper. At the front it has two other compartments with good size and on the sides – two pockets where you can stick all the things that need to be put away quickly. On the back there is also another pocket with zipper. I bought it exactly a year ago when I was at Crufts (because what else to buy from a dog show?!) and have been using it pretty much every day since then. I am quite impressed by how well made it is – it still looks like new and on top of it it’s waterproof (very useful when your huge Fanta cup decides to break in the cinema and pours its entire content on top of your bag). Many people have asked me how to get a bag like this but unfortunately I don’t remember the brand 😦


I have the horrible habit of carrying too many things with me, especially in my car – at least one pair of shoes, scarves, spare set of work clothes (the vets will understand…) and a pile of water bottles, but that is a whole different post. In my handbag I am trying to limit myself to just the necessities.

Surprisingly, I don’t really carry any make up with me. In this case I had 3 lipsticks for some reason. Usually I have one little bag at work with the essentials – concealer, powder, eyeliner…you know – in case of emergency! But I generally don’t like carrying make up with me, as usually I don’t have the time for touch ups and that’s why it’s so important to me that the products that I’m using are long-lasting.


So, obviously, I always have with me my wallet with all the club cards for shops, debit cards and ID. Really rarely I have cash as here most places accept cards and it’s so much more convenient to keep track of my finances. This particular wallet I’ve had for 2 years now and it’s still not falling apart, which is impressive! It’s from Parfois and is a gift from my very special friend Ralitsa <3.
I always carry with me earphones, in this case those are the TaoTronics Blutooth ones – I wrote about them in a previous blog here. Tweezers are mandatory – you never know when you’re going to need them. My sunglasses tend to migrate, but are usually in the car, as they are custom-made Ray Ban Wayfarers to match my vision and driving without them would cause some inconvenience for my passengers… ;). The lipsticks that I have with me are one by Avon – no clue which collection but the shade is Pout; by Mirenesse Cosmetics Glossy Kiss in shade 04 Angel kiss; and the third one is the one by Benefit that I got in my March Birchbox. For a few months now I’ve been carrying around with me the small pouch with the guitar pick from Nickelback’s concert as well, because I still haven’t decided where to put it…or at least that’s my excuse…And the D-Mannose is a brilliant solution for prevention of urinary infections in early stages – most of us, ladies, know what torture those can be, and I found that this product is a great solution after having few antibiotic treatments, but if you want me to tell you more about the D-Mannose just let me know and I will do it in a separate post.
And last, but not least, I always have a snack in my bag – whether it’s going to be chocolate, cookies or a granola bar. It this case it WAS (it does not exist anymore…) a Raw chocolate bar with strawberries from Ombar – soooo delicious!


A must in my bag is always my little pouch with “essentials” – I didn’t take a photo of its content, but inside you can find bobby pins, pain killers and all kinds of lady stuff. I also always carry with me a lighter (in this case – two..?!) and a notebook – this little one is for all sorts of lists, but I usually have my big organiser as well. Nail clipper, nail file, wet wipes (from McDonalds!! 😀 ) – all extremely important objects, but not as important as my little sachets with salt. Those who know me won’t be surprised, but I do eat salt with every meal. A lot of salt.
Pen, mirror, hand cream…lip balm from Avon – this is one of my favourites – smells like honey and is sooo nourishing. Tangle Teezer in travel size and a spare band for my fitbit, because, duh, purple.
The bottle of Batiste 2in1 shampoo I won’t even comment on – it is in my bag because it needs to go in the pile of products I hate.


Keys and phone are never in my bag as most of the time I place them in my pockets or just hold them. My Kindle is a regular habitant as well, but in this case was charging so it missed the photo shoot.

What do you carry around? Do you prefer smaller or larger hand bags?

Looking forward to your replies!

Mells x


4 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

    1. D-манозата е проста захар, която при проучвания са установили, че се залепва по e.coli, която е най-честия бактериален причинител на уринарни инфекции, и по този начин не й позволява да се закрепи към стената на пикочния мехур и да причинява проблеми. Миналата година минах през 4 курса антибиотик и постоянно се появяваше пак и пак, дори като пиех добавки тип червена боровинка, мечо грозде и т.н. Накрая си взех Д-маноза и я пих в продължение на два месеца и, да чукна на дърво, от тогава всичко е наред.


      1. Благодаря! Аз получавам повтарящ се пиелонефрит /бъбречни инфекции/. Тъй като при нас жените всичко е малко или много свързано, мислиш ли,че би помогнало?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. При всички случаи няма да навреди. Повечето такива инфекции са по възходящ път, т.е. започват от долния уронарен тракт и се разпространяват нагоре, към бъбреците.


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