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Wellington Boots – Why Every Person Needs A Pair!

I discovered the magic of Wellington boots (or any rubber boots in that matter) years ago during my glorious time as a vet student. Let’s just say we’ve been through a lot of sh*t…literally.

Mud. Rain. Snow. If you have to be out with the animals, you are out with the animals. I’ve worn my old rubber boots in various weather conditions – from freezing cold to 45 degrees heat and not once have I had any regrets about my choice. When you’re wearing them you just forget about the terrain and can confidently walk through anything. They were constantly in the back of my car so I could rely on them at all times.

When I moved to the UK I had to pick a very limited part of my shoes to take with me and unfortunately my rubber boots were left behind. But hey, why would I need rubber boots in the most horribly rainy, wet and muddy country in the world?! (I am really not making the UK sound great…I actually do love this place, honest!)

The first time I noticed that I MIGHT be missing something in my waredrobe was during a very…very…VERY stormy trip to Scotland and Lake District. Many of you might have heard about a certain huricane that reached the UK in December 2015 and caused destructions and floods. Weeeell, I was there, switching between two pairs of boots, constantly having wet feet and seriously doubting our holiday decisions (Because why not drive all the way to Scotland in December….just what could possibly go wrong?!).

Anyway, we survived that trip, all my toes still intact, and continued living happilly until the next December. This time we got a drone. And to fly a drone, most of the times you have to situate yourself in a rather distant area (people get weirdly upset when you violate their privacy with a flying camera…go figure?!). Those distant areas usually include parks/hills/fields etc. Soooo mud. And puddles. Loooots of puddles (not to be confused with poodles – we love being surrounded by poodles, however, personal experience shows that rubber boots are even more useful if you are in a close interraction with dogs of all sorts).

Surviving our first brave walk with the drone, I decided I am buying wellingtons and after a short research I ended up ordering Hunters. Because…Hunters. Duh.

The smart and patient person that I am, obviously I had no intentions of actually going to a store and trying them on to see what size fits, so I just guessed. I am usually size 41 (or UK 7 1/2) so it is quite tricky to order shoes online. I checked some reviews that said that the sizes are quite accurate but despite that I went for size 8 (you NEED to be able to fit that warm fluffy sock inside!!!). For the fiance I picked size 13, which turned out to be too large and later we exchanged for 12. Mine, however, were a perfect fit and I even got a pair of Hunter socks.

Now, out of all the lovely affordable rubber boots, why did I chose Hunter?

The company was found in 1856. They are using high quality latex rubber for their shoes, which a waterproof, highly flexible natural material. That means, your boots are going to be not only very durable, but also comfortable to walk in. As a bonus, the company is actively involved with several charities, so part of their profit goes to them  (Child Mind Institute, The Prince’s Countryside Fund etc.). They produce technical wear, designed for performance, as well as more fashionable options. Pretty much, they’ve been on the market for a while and they should know what they’re doing! (Disclaimer: Hunter  have not paid for this review or the boots…unfortunately 😀 )

I chose to “invest” in Hunters as I wouldn’t like buying new rubber boots every year…let’s face it – they can’t really go out of style.

I chose their Original Tall  Gloss Wellington Boots in the colour Ocean – they are hand crafted and waterproof (obviously…) and surprisingly comfortable! I’ve worn them on multiple occasions and must say that if you are up for a walk in any area that is not solid concrete, these have to be your shoes of choice! With them I also ordered the matching boots socks in Olive, which seems to be currently out of stock as a colour, but there are plenty of other options to chose from.

You can walk through anything, even a lake, as already tested, and the boots are extremely easy to clean afterwards. In the same time your feet are dry, warm and safe! Ans if you’re having any doubts about how you can style those boots…just search Pinterest. You can wear them with literally everything – not too many people show puzzled looks even if you are walking around in my outfit…

So ditch the heels for those Sunday walks and get wellies!  🙂

P.S. Skirt not mantadory for the walks 😉

Mells x

3 thoughts on “Wellington Boots – Why Every Person Needs A Pair!

  1. снимките са страхотни! Годеникът ти определено е бъдещ инста/блог съпруг хихи
    ПС: Имаш един HTML код под предпоследната снимка, чието място подозирам не е там хаха

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    1. Хахаха мерси, махнах го!
      А на годеника имам снимка как гази във водата за да снима, ще го постна някой път – много е полезен!

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