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Eyeliners – The Adventure of Finding The One

Eyeliners. The struggle is real, and I don’t mean just the application (we’ve all been there, fighting for the perfect cat eye…and failing). For many years I’ve struggled to find an actually good eyeliner, that:

  • lasts long
  • is easy to apply
  • does not dry out in two applications
  • has good pigmentation
  • does not smudge

I’ve tried liquid liner options, I’ve tried pen eyeliners…some were a win, some…well, some I felt like setting on fire.

Let’s start with perhaps the first one I’ve tried ages ago and I don’t currently own so I can photograph, but it was the Essence Eyeliner Pen. It was the first time I realised how easy it is to use eyeliner pens, at least for me, and I was pretty devastated when after 5-6 applications it dried out to the point of me not being able to do my second eye…Pretty annoying. It was, however, quite long lasting, did not smudge and was decently pigmented (I wouldn’t say pitch black). Addition to the good sides was the price – I don’t remember what it was, I bought it in Bulgaria, but it was quite affordable, so if you are looking for a nice, cheap option to try out and see whether liquid pen liners are your thing – go for it.

I think I went through 2-3 of them when I decided to find another one. This time I ordered from Avon their ExtraLasting Eyeliner in Black.
watermarked-img_1426Unfortunately, they’ve discontinued it (and as you see on the photo mine’s lid is sadly broken but I am too attached to it to bin it), but it was a product I really enjoyed at that time. It is very pigmented, applies easily, does not smudge, does not dry out and once you apply it God help you removing it! I’ve slept with my face squished on the pillow while wearing it (yes, yes, never sleep with your make up on) and on the mornings I was still with a perfect cat eye! The only downside was that ideally I’d had to put a bit of black eyeshadow on top of it, to look less hmm…shiny? For some reason it has some weird plastic, almost vinyl finish, which can be a little bit annoying, but once you’d fix that, it was a very very good eyeliner. Shame it doesn’t exist anymore.

NEXT Make Me Beautiful Black Liquid Liner

I have mentioned it before in the list of products that I’ve used for the photos of my review of Vichy Dermablend. It has been loved by a lot of beauty bloggers and YouTubers. I bought it last year and I have used it quite a lot of times. It is very pigmented, stays on and does not smudge at all. Extremely easy to use and was my go-to when it comes to applying eyeliner on top of false eyelashes (and under…depends on your technique…but that is another topic). Unfortunately now the tip is not as sharp as it used to be and it is starting to dry out a bit. I am, however, quite pleased with this product and I would totally re-purchase it at some point.

After my happy experience with it, I decided to be brave and bought a similar product by Seventeen Cosmetics – Make Your Mark Precision Eyeliner Pen.
Now…I have no clue why this has anything to do with precision in its name, because the tip is so chunky that it’s impossible to make a fine line. I used it literally once and on the second time it was already too dry (no, I hadn’t left it opened.). The pigmentation is also not brilliant. The only way to make it work is if you use it sideways…in case you need to paint like half of your eyelid black-ish or something. I really do not understand this product and I do love some other products by the company (like their mascaras. AWESOME!) but unfortunately this eyeliner is a no-no. Oh, and it smudges. Sorry, Seventeen!

After my sad experience with the last eyeliner, I was about to start researching the market for a new one, when my Birchbox arrived (Review of the latest one you can find here) with a Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner.
Good pigmentation – quite black, easy to apply, stays on. I have used it 10 times maybe and it is still not completely dry, however the tip is starting to lose its sharpness, which is a shame – could have been a real favourite. It is just not possible to make a nice sharp flick.

So, several disappointments later, I decided it is time for a change. What was the point of buying 3-4-5 cheap eyeliners and using them only several times, if I could buy one really good product and stick to it?

This is how I got to the point of bringing myself to buying the Lancome Grandiose Liner in 01 Noir Mirifique. (Okay, first I had no intentions of buying it but then I got it for my friend’s birthday and then I had a breakdown while applying my eyeliner with all the dried out things so I had to use hers and I fell in love. And when I said in the previous blog that Jess is always around, this includes eyeliner disasters.)
watermarked-img_1447It turned out it is quite an adventure to get hold of it – it was sold out in Debenhams so I had to order it online (which meant spending double the amount to get something else too because free delivery, duh…anyway…). I’ve had it for two weeks now and it’s been brilliant. It applies like a dream, it is very black, very lasting, easy to remove…I will let you know how long it’s gonna survive. The tip is amazing – makes the flick sooooo sharp and, yes, you can bend the applicator and it does make a difference, at least to me. In any case, if that eyeliner lasts more than 10 … okay, for that price I will be looking for a bit more applications, it goes into the favourites pot!

To compare all mentioned, here is a photo:

I hope you enjoyed reading the post!

Mells x

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