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February Favourites

I have no idea where February went but it is again time for monthly favourites!

I actually had another post prepared for you, about eyeliners, but then noticed the date so decided that it’s now or never. The other post will probably go up in the next couple of weeks so if it is something you’d like to check out – keep an eye on the blog 🙂

First things first! I’ve mentioned previously that I have very dry skin and this month my hands were suffering as well. No matter what cream I used, it just had exactly 5 minutes effect. This was the moment when I decided to go back to the good old E45 Cream – quite popular here in the UK. It is very light, you can use it on your face as well, does not feel oily and makes your skin sooooo soft! And the most important – that feeling lasts hours. If you haven’t already tried it and you can get hold of it – do it!


As you are probably aware if you read my blog, I have a serious obsession with foundations. So this month I bought another one. Okay, I bought 3 but we’re just mentioning one!
Finally I decided to try the well known Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. My smart self came up with the idea to order it online (because f*** colour matching) and spent around 3 hours wondering which shade to get. I went for the N4. It was out of stock. So I ordered NC10. I have never had a better match in my life!…when it comes to foundations, that is. It is winter and that shade is exactly the same as my Snow White skin! On top of that it applies beautifully, stays on all day and does not crease. The scent, however, it a bit weird, but I am totally fine living with that. Photo of me wearing it – on my Facebook page 🙂

My next favourite is a bit far from the beauty industry, but it has been a huge help during the month. With me and my fiance’s working hours it is almost impossible to plan a supermarket trip together…well, okay, it is not, but we just can’t be bothered to go and queue when we can order our food from the comfort of the couch. So for the past 6 weeks we’ve been using Ocado and we absolutely love their service! The food is fresh, with plenty of time until the expiration dates. The delivery is free for the whole year as we got an offer and they constantly send us vouchers with gifts. Last night got a bottle of Champagne! If you haven’t tried shopping online for groceries, I can only recommend it – that way you skip the problem with accidently buying 97435969324789 additional things you don’t need and also keeping track of your bill is really easy. Check it out here.

Back to the make up! This month has been all about investing in good quality products that can potentially save me money in the long run. That was the reason I decided to buy the famous Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel.

I must say I was quite sceptical about it for a long long time but after spending a ridiculous amount of money on brow pencils that last a month, I gave in. And it is BRILLIANT! It is actually water resistant – I can wash my face and it stays on. I can easily wear it 2-3 days, her comes the trap, if I don’t use oil-based make up remover or micellar water. Or if I do, I have to make sure I don’t rub it on the eyebrows. Now, ease of application…I use separate angled brush and it is quite easy. It can, however, take a bit of time to get used to and to build up the colour properly (I am in between shades – Black/Brown and Brunette because my brows are a lot darker than my hair and I need to make them match so I am using the lighter, Brunette, and then build up. The whole hair colour saga is described in my previous blog here). The finish is rather impressive – obviously it is visible that you have product on your brows, so I cannot say “natural”, but it is far better than some other products that I’ve used. In regards to removing it – just use oil-based remover or oil. Simple! Here are photos when I’m wearing the product:

And last but not least, the Fitbit Charge 2. Let’s put it this way. You don’t need to be trying to lose weight to get yourself a fitness tracker. You also don’t need to be an active person. But if you want to try and improve your health and also monitor your daily stats, which is exactly my case, you most certainly need to try the Fitbit Charge 2! There are so many trackers on the market, but this is the one I chose and I am very happy about it so far. My goal is to start walking a little bit more, as currently I am always driving…which I will continue doing, but moving throuout the day turns out to be a challenge, especially if I get stuck in my consult room for longer. This little fella can be set up to buzz every hour and encourage you to move. Also it tracks your sleep and heart rate. It has been fun using it but also I’ve noticed that my activity levels have raised. Highly recommend!

Pfew, that is all for February, I shall be starting now my list of favourites for March! If you’ve missed the January edition,  you can find it here.

Mells x


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