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The National Wedding Show – London

Hello again!

This week you will be joining me in my first adventure of planning my wedding – as some of you know, after 10 years of friendship and 6 years in a relationship, I am now engaged to my best friend and soulmate. We’ve been having rather busy few months recently so we hadn’t really had time to plan anything so far as another major change is about to happen during the next couple of months (it shall remain a secret for now, but when the time comes I might write a blog about it).

The National Wedding Show, however, was something that I could not miss so I grabbed my dear friend Jess (who is always next to me in all my brilliant and not so brilliant adventures), bought couple of VIP tickets (the words “a glass of bubbly” and “beauty bag” were enough to sell them to me) and on Saturday, 18th of February we headed towards London Olympia.

First impressions – SO MANY FLOWERS!!! Just everything everywhere was covered in flowers. Overcoming our initial jaw drop, we headed to the coffee corner to arm ourselves with some much needed caffeine and started our tour. (Those beautiful displays made by The Wedding Lounge were the first thing you see when you walk in…how gorgeous are they!)

We had no plan. Everything was bright, sparkly and confusing in my eyes so when I saw the huge sign TED BAKER – finally something familiar – I went straight there. They are launching their bridal collection – Tie the Knot, and the premier was at the NWS. There are some pretty nice pieces, however I was disappointed to find that nothing actually matched my idea of a wedding dress. There is still nothing on their website but they might add it there soon.watermarked-img_1180

Two steps later Jess stopped to stare at those gorgeous heels…and she did have a point – they are the perfect height and look quite comfortable for a wedding day. I managed to find them on Debenhams’ website and turned out they are very affordable too. I have not tried them on, obviously, as I don’t know what my dress would look like, but they are definitely something to keep in mind. You can buy them herewatermarked-img_1182

This gorgeous flower arrangement could fulfil every pink-obsessed bride’s dreams…all shades of the colour and some red…what more could you possibly want? I was so mesmerised by the stand that I didn’t note whose it is, however going back to my little map, I believe it was by Tiger Lily (correct me if I am wrong!)


Cakes! Who doesn’t like cakes! Those beauties lured me to the stand of Tees Bakery  and a very kind lady invited me to try one of their samples…unfortunately I cannot remember which one it was, but it was absolutely delightful – not too sweet, not at all heavy but full of flavour!

Speaking of cakes…how awesome would it be to have a cake on which you can project Disney movies or…Pacman. At this point we decided we’re never showing this option to my future groom because that would be the end of my attempts to have anything else…and I really hope he is not reading this post right now, I tried to insert enough girly stuff at the beginning to successfully chase him away…
More info you can find on the website of the company – Angie Scott Cakeswatermarked-img_1210

Bridal gowns are important, but you must also start thinking of your bridesmaids…With the honourable  representative of mine, we took a look at several options and we particularly liked the dresses offered by a company with the cheeky name Sexyher. What we loved was the fact that they had sooooo many options to chose from and you can customise the model and the colour (as I will be having bridesmaids in all shapes and sizes) according to your own preferences and the samples looked really good quality.

Now, the catwalk. Ah! One of the perks coming with the VIP tickets were reserved places for the catwalk, which made it really easy for me to get good view and some decent shots. The full information about the Revlon Runway you can find here, including list of the companies involved. I liked a few designs, but my personal overall favourite were David’s Bridal and I may or may not have booked an appointment with them…
Here are some photos I took during the show:

Now, if you have ever been to ANY exhibition, you know that you will end up coming home with 9487561230749 leaflets, magazines, pens and all kinds of tiny ridiculous and useless things. At TNWS they proved me wrong…

Yes, we got quite a lot of brochures and business cards, which was expected (and also is very useful), but every visitor got also a little goody bag:

Snacks, a drink, toothpaste, moisturiser samples, tea bags, warming patch for your aching neck and…tampons. Of course, tampons. We were genuinely impressed by the amount of tampons we received during the show and here I am publicly showing appreciation! Obviously, this pack would have been rather unnecessary and disturbing to the male visitors, but hey – more for the wives!

Another thing that made me happy (as some of you are aware, food makes me happy. Very, very happy.) were the candies from Ted Baker that were prepared for us at our seats for the catwalk show. Again, very thoughtful of you, TNWS!

When buying the VIP tickets, as mentioned above, the bag of beauty treats that we would receive was one of the reasons I chose this option. I did not have my hopes up for the content, as I did not expect it to be something fascinating, however I got surprised yet again.

A little bottle of wine, chocolates, snacks, some samples from Revlon and a full size nail polish, perfume sample from Lancome, samples and a full sized hair oil from Orofluido, self tanner from St.Tropez, mask from Omorovicza and a gooooooorgeous candle from Confetti (I think my nurse, Katherine, is going to break into my house, kill me in my sleep and steal it…).
Somehow they managed to fit a whole other box in that little package as well:

More tampons, more chocolate…okay, raw cacao!…nail varnish, coconut oil, mascara and eyeshadow were coming out of the Pink Parcel, which has a brilliant concept behind it, you can check out their website.

I still haven’t tried any of those products…okay, I demolished the pop corn, chocolate and graze snack…But if you want me to do little reviews on any or all of them, just let me know (otherwise this post is just going to be stupidly long).

And last but not least, I came home with some magazines to use as inspiration in my wedding planning. Part of the VIP package were as well the You and Your Wedding Magazine and Perfect Wedding.

Also by signing up for email updates we were given a copy of the very stylish Absolutely Weddings Magazine.

So, in general – a very well organised event, you can certainly find everything you need for your wedding day! There were plenty of options for all aspects – budget friendly and high end as well. I did expect it to be a bit larger, but that is probably because all the other exhibitions I have been to were massive. It took us 4-5 hours to explore it, but we did not stop to try any dresses as many people did – might be just me, but I wouldn’t like to see myself for the first time in a wedding gown with so many people around and rushing me. Then again, just personal preferences.

Okay, enough with the writing for now, let me know if any of you are planning a wedding or perhaps you have any useful tips on the topic!

Mells x


6 thoughts on “The National Wedding Show – London

  1. Красота и разкош!!! ❤ Ама защо са толкова малки снимките като размер?! Предишния пъти като че ли изглеждаха по-големи!
    Нашата сватба беше толкова набързо, подписахме по дънки,без свидетели, без нищо и толкова хаха
    Сега искам да планирам нещо мъъъничко по-голямо хахах Ама някой ден, можеее би 🙂

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    1. Хах никаква идея за снимките! Някои от тях се отварят като ги кликнеш и стават по-големи. А иначе – малка, голяма, по дънки, с рокля…важното е сватбата да е с правилния човек 🙂 Ако решиш да планираш втори дубъл, непременно да напишеш пост 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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