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January Favourites

Time flies when you’re having fun! And here we are – January is almost gone and the blog is officially a month old – taking a minute to thank you all for the support, I’d never imagined so many people  would encourage me. A lot of you I don’t know personally and I want to thank you even more for sparing some time from your day to read my writings, because – let’s face it – my mother is forced to do it, you are not! 😉 Also big thumbs up for my dear friends who still tolerate me despite having to read everything on the blog and constantly advise me on my never-ending questions. Fiance, you are awesome for enduring my technology-related breakdowns and always being patient enough to listen to my latest ideas!

Minute is over, let’s get to the point as I got told off for writing a post too long the last time (lol – try actually speaking to me in person, even the language barrier can’t save my poor colleagues from my constant chatter).

Oh, another disclaimer – I do love my beauty and make-up products but I decided that I will include some bits and bobs from all areas in my monthly favourites, so be prepared to read about many random things I happened to love during January!

1. Anker PowerLine + Lightning (10ft / 3m) Cable

watermarked-img_1042So! First I am starting with my most favourite item that I purchased back in December but got to fully appreciate this month. We all know the struggles of constantly purchasing charging cables and them not working in just couple of weeks. I was tempted to just order an original lightning to USB cable from Apple but then the fiance advised me to try Anker.


Revolutionary! The cable arrived in a beautiful box (packaging is important!) and you could tell it is a game changer just by looking at it. It has “Double-braided nylon exterior, toughened aramid fiber core and laser-welded connectors”(copying this from the Anker website, I cannot possibly describe it better!) and it is very thick, impossible to tangle and bend around those annoying weak points. I went for the 10ft (3m) one in gold (obviously!) and at first I had some doubts regarding the length. Do I really need a cable that long? YES. This is the most amazing cable I have ever purchased – you can charge your phone and walk around the room and you can just chill on the sofa in any comfortable position without worrying that if you move you will unplug the charger from the wall. If you want to give yourself that freedom, here is the link to the website (for some reason they don’t have the 10ft one in gold right now but oh well!), or you can try finding them on Amazon and eBay.

2. “Once Bitten” by Nick Marsh

watermarked-img_1045This is a MUST for every veterinary surgeon (and in general veterinary professionals), especially the recent graduates. The book pretty much describes our daily struggles in a very funny way, making you think “Oh, so I am actually not the only one!”. I cannot describe it well enough without spoiling the joy of experiencing this read yourself, but I can include a small quote for you:

        “What was the reason behind the supposed majestic power of tea tree oil? Mrs Kane had already told me: it was because it was natural, that’s why. And natural had to be good, hadn’t it?
          Except, what exactly was natural about tea tree oil? I couldn’t remember the last time I had been walking through a forest only to be hit by a bottle of tea tree oil shampoo falling from a ripe tea tree oil shampoo tree. Tea tree oil, like any other product, must be PRODUCED – extracted from the tree – via a commercial and highly mechanised industrial process…”

Also I need to mention I do like tea tree oil and I do not mean to offend any tea tree oil fans – just a quote 🙂
So, overall it is a very easy to read book with a hint of a Jerome K. Jerome-style humour and I would recommend it to my non-vet readers as well. You can order it from Amazon here.

3. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil


I got this little gem with my BirchBox this month. I am generally not the biggest fan of applying oils on my face (my hair is whole different story – having it that long comes with a price) but decided to try this one out as this winter my skin has been particularly dry. To my great surprise this lovely oil does not actually feel greasy or heavy (maybe due to the fact that it is labelled as DRY oil, Mell, DUUUH?!) – it has amazing subtle scent and a minute after you’ve applied it you can only feel how soft and nice your skin is – it gets absorbed sooo quickly! If you decide to give it a go, link is here.





4. TaoTronics Bluetooth In-Ear Wireless Sweatproof Sport Earphones

watermarked-img_1034Talk about a name…
In my blog about the latest iPhone 7  I mentioned the inconvenience of having no 3.5mm audio jack and that the only solution is getting Bluetooth earphones (well…car as well, but we will get to that point later). Now, there are plenty of options and brands on the market and you need to figure out which design works well for you as it might be a little bit tricky to make those things stay in your ears.
I was lucky enough with mine (again, thanks to my lovely man, he pretty much hits the jackpot with everything that he picks for me). Apart from being very comfortable to wear, they do their noise-cancellation thingy quite well and I am completely oblivious to whatever is happening around me. The battery lasts long as well, it says 5 hours but to me it felt more than that and charging them is quite quick. You can take a look at the technical specifications and/or order them from Amazon.

5. La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum

watermarked-img_1028I already mentioned about my dry skin struggles so this is one of the products helping me fight the situation. I picked it up around the beginning of December and the bottle lasted me almost two months – I just squeezed out the last drop. I have been using two pumps because I am a greedy hydration freak, but you can easily cover your whole face with just one.
It leaves your skin soft, plump and re-hydrated, I must say I was impressed even after the first application. It is a very light, gel-like texture, feels very fresh on the skin and gets absorbed in a blink of an eye. When I apply it in the evening I do notice that my skin is better when I wake up. Looking forward to adopting another bottle of those – here is a link to Boots.

6. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – 03 Hot Pepper and 14 Plum Plum Girl

watermarked-img_1032I did already post a photo on my Facebook page where I am wearing the plum colour and it has been a great shade for those autumn-winter looks. It is very comfortable on the lips, does not dry them out, does not look patchy and it lasts absolute ages. Lets just say that I have spent more than 10 hours without touch ups. Eating pizza included.
I have a high-end equivalent but to be honest, I actually like those ones better and they are almost 3 times cheaper. You can build them  up to achieve a more intense colour, which is brilliant especially with the plum one. And about the red…what can we possibly say about the red? It is a long lasting gorgeous red lipstick. Dream come true. Shop here.

7. Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

watermarked-img_1008This is a definite favourite of the month and it did deserve a whole blog post for it so if you haven’t seen it yet – click here. If you have Sephora around you, you can try finding it there, otherwise you can try ABH’s website.

If we were on 9GAG I could finish with “Sorry for the long post, here is a potato”. But we are not, so you won’t get any potatoes. Speak to you soon! 🙂

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