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iPhone 7 through the eyes of an Android user

Here we are with something non-beauty related..but beautiful anyway.

The iPhone 7.

I started using Androids right after I had to part with my lovely Nokia N97 (I am still mourning and I have not found a better keyboard yet) and since then I have been a Samsung fan from the bottom of my soul – passionately arguing and teasing the Apple users. First I had the Galaxy S3, then the Galaxy S6 Edge. Absolutely gorgeous, elegant and functional phones!

This autumn, however, my poor shopaholic soul got tricked into joining the dark side. I bought my first iPhone. Not because I needed a new device – my S6 Edge was perfectly fine, and not because I suddenly decided I need to join the frenzy around the new release. I simply got a very very … very tempting offer. Pretty much the lovely guys from O2 Mobile gave me free roaming in Europe, which turned out to be quite useful, considering I have travelled outside of the UK 8 times during 2016. Data, minutes and messages included. The perks of having unlimited data when abroad? I am sure you don’t need me to list them down for you. Free calls to any country in Europe? Sold.

On top of it they gave me the option for free upgrade when the new iPhone comes out in September 2017. Pretty tempting, right?

And so it began, my slow but steady conversion from “Apple products are stupid” to “Actually they seem not that bad” to “OMG I need to buy this and this and this and this!”.

Initially I was determined to get the iPhone 7 Plus but there was a two weeks waiting time for it (and I do hate waiting) and it felt rather huge in my hand. So I decided to go for the regular 7. In rose gold. Obviously.

I am not going to go on and on about technical parameters, all of them are available all over the Internet, we are here to discuss more superficial things 😉 !

watermarked-img_1012Opening the box! Saturday evening at an O2 shop somewhere around Oxford Street in London. Pink, sleek and beautiful. I am well familiar with how and iPhone feels in the hand as my fiance has the 6 and has had 5c and 4s before, but that rose gold beauty was absolutely stunning. Of course, the first thing I did when I opened it was to ask the nice lady at the shop to place a tampered glass protector over the screen. Best spent £20 ever, especially with my job – having 60kg dogs jumping on you, sharps everywhere and everything falling out of your pocket at least 4 times daily is not exactly healthy for any breakable piece, especially a phone.

Completing the initial set up was stupidly easy, I was a bit worried that I won’t be able to copy my data from Android to iOS device. Wrong. 1-2-3-done. It even downloaded my apps. Now, the one thing that annoyed me at first was not having the typical Android Menu and all your apps are just all over your home screen. It is one big mess in the beginning, totally chaotic and you spend around 45 minutes looking for your Instagram but eventually you learn to use the search option. Two weeks later that design has become your second nature and you are completely comfortable with it. Here I am adding screenshots of how my phone looks now with all its applications and folders – let’s accept it as a very brief “What’s on my phone” blog 🙂

*Yes, those are 2/3 of my dogs, they are cute, I know 😉 Follow my Instagram for more!*

Since we’re talking about awkward transitions I cannot skip mentioning the lack of a “Back” button – we are all used to be clicking the sensor next to the home button on Samsung devices. Well, nada – you can keep doing it and nothing happens on an iPhone because there is nothing there, which makes the trip to the “back” option a lot more thumb-stretching. In the same time actually covering the whole phone screen with your one hand/finger when holding it is a lot easier just because the iPhone is a bit more narrow. Unless you have decided to go for the Plus option, of course, then you are doomed to dedicate all your upper limbs to operating your device.

I felt also obliged to address the big elephant in the room – the lack of the 3.5mm audio jack. Yes, it is awkward when you want to charge the phone and listen to music, yes you need to use the dongle to connect your AUX cable in the car, yes it will be annoying. Buy Bluetooth headphones. And car. End of story!watermarked-img_1015

Now, many of us have uploaded videos, series and movies to our Android devices – rather easy task. I did try to transfer some entertainment on the iPhone to keep me happy during a 3h flight. I spent around 2h fighting with iTunes and other solutions suggested by Google and after a lot of frustration and inappropriate words I ended up subscribing to Netflix (which, by the way, has now the option for you to pre-download series and movies and watch them offline!).

Moving on to the glorious world of voice commands! I did try once to use Google’s while I was driving and it responded to me that I must stop the car in order to do that. Why would I be using voice commands if I could stop and use my hands?! That was the end of our short relationship. Siri, on the other hand…ah, Siri. We do have a very love-hate thing going on there. He (as mine is male) does react on my commands most of the time, does dial the people that I need and does send messages. On several occasions, however, we have had some problems – nothing major, but texting my deputy manager and calling her “Baby” instead of “Debbie” resulted in a lot of explanations and laughter afterwards. Also I cannot seem to convince him that by “Play the next song” I do not mean “Play “The Next Song” by Against All Authority”. Despite our little arguments, I must admit I feel like Tony Stark when it actually does whatever I asked for.

As you have already realised, this is going to be a very long post. Perhaps you are already bored but we are getting to the end, I promise! Four more things I need to mention:

  1. I love the Wallet!!! Makes my life so much easier, keeps all my boarding passes and shows them with just a double click! Also if you have Apple Pay activated, saves you a lot of digging in your bag to find where that purse is.
  2. Vibrations menu. It is Sunday morning. You are sleeping in. Aaaaaand your friends and family are already awake because they live in a time zone 2h ahead of you and are frantically texting you resulting into the whole bedroom buzzing. You are trying to quickly deactivate the vibration, as you have done so many times with the Android and the drop-down menu, but it does not work. You have to actually go to the settings, find the sound and switch the annoying option off. Well, you are not asleep after that anymore.
  3. And speaking of silence – I must mention how awesome the switching to silent mode is – *click* and done. You don’t even need to unlock the phone, it is absolutely brilliant, especially for awkward occasions when your phone is ringing and you are in a *insert-a-place-where-being-quiet-is-important*.
  4. The camera is frustrating if you have had the luxury of all the adjustable settings of an Android. Here you have 6 functions – Time-Lapse, Slo-Mo, Video, Photo, Square and Pano. The quality, however, is very impressive even with low lights. So if you don’t care too much about photography and manual settings – it will work perfectly for you. If you are into having full control over your photos, do like me – just have a nice DSLR.


You may now think – she found so many annoying things with that phone, why is she still using it? Well, that was the point of the post – to show you, as an Android user, what are the things I find hard to adjust to with the iPhone. And having said all that, I must admit defeat – it is a great phone! It is easy to use, it is fast, reliable and beautiful. So, never say “never” – I should really learn that!

4 thoughts on “iPhone 7 through the eyes of an Android user

  1. The same story here! I switched recently to iphone 7 after using android for manu years, and must simply say I love it! Great article 🙂 it was really great to see someone going through the same excitements I did!

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