Да Си Вземем Кученце – Колко Струва?

puppy how much it costs pedigree kennel golden retriever

Както повечето от вас знаят, аз съм ветеринарен лекар. Ежедневно се сблъсквам със здравословни проблеми при домашните любимци и много често ръцете ми са вързани, тъй като собствениците не могат да си позволят диагностика или лечение. Изключително тежко и неприятно чувство е, не го пожелавам на никого. В същото време, някои от вас може и … Continue reading Да Си Вземем Кученце – Колко Струва?

The National Wedding Show 2018

The National Wedding Show London 2018 wedding dress

Brides, unite! Having potentially the longest engagement in history of World (or at least, that is how it seems to all my family, who are persistently moaning about us FINALLY getting married...), that means I get to go to the National Wedding Show more than once! Yay! Well, not that you can't go there if … Continue reading The National Wedding Show 2018

2444 Horses And Me!

supercar driving experience lamborghini huracan

Hello, hello! I won't be talking about lipsticks in this post. Also I have not suddenly decided to become an equine vet and have 2444 horses to treat. Thankfully! This time we're talking about my other passion. Cars. Long story short, I grew up playing with cars, hanging out with boys, watching F1 and waiting … Continue reading 2444 Horses And Me!

Ревю: Софийски Магьосници

Sofiiski magiosnici martin kolev софийски магьосници мартин колев ревю

"Софийски Магьосници" от Мартин Колев Много от вас ме попитаха какво мисля за книгата, когато пуснах нейна снимка в Инстаграм, затова реших да споделя впечатленията си в отделен пост. Тук е времето да ви предупредя, че не се смятам за особен книгоексперт, така че по никакъв начин не ви задължавам с мнението си, но ако … Continue reading Ревю: Софийски Магьосници

Amazon Echo – The Ups and Downs of a Life With Alexa

alexa amazon echo dot black smart home device

- Alexa, play the song "Ride around, Sally" - I'm sorry, I can't find a song called "Runaway salad". - Alexa...play a song that goes like this "All I wanna do is ride around, Sally..." - Here is "Numb" by Linkin Park. Amazon Echo, a.k.a. Alexa. The other woman in our house. It is a … Continue reading Amazon Echo – The Ups and Downs of a Life With Alexa

January Favourites – 2018

january favourites beauty products vichy idealia peeling bobbi brown primer vitamin enriched too faced better than sex mascara omorovicza deep cleansing face mask

What has happened to the time - I do not know, but January is nearly gone and I haven't done a favourites post in a while, so...there we go! Let's begin with the beauty stuff, as initially this blog started as a beauty blog and then turned into...I don't even know what 😀 This month … Continue reading January Favourites – 2018

My 5 Tips On How To Motivate Yourself And Be More Organised

5 tips to find motivation and organise better make a list

It's a new week and here is my new post with 5 things that motivate me when I'm feeling a bit down or I'm struggling to organise my time! We've all had the moments in which we're running like headless chickens and the time just slips away, leaving us completely disappointed with our levels of … Continue reading My 5 Tips On How To Motivate Yourself And Be More Organised

5 Things That Can Make Me Unfollow A Blogger

5 things that can make me unfollow a blogger

Hi everyone and welcome to my little rant! 😀 Being a blogger means, in most cases, that you're also following some other fellow bloggers and reading their articles. Supporting and inspiring each other is great and there are so many awesome people out there, whose blogs I discovered over the past year and I will … Continue reading 5 Things That Can Make Me Unfollow A Blogger

2017 Empties!

Hello, hello! Here we are with the first post of 2018, which is about 2017 and the negativity and emptiness of it. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic, the topic is just empties of 2017, meaning things I managed to use up during the year. Here is a small disclaimer - I have A LOT … Continue reading 2017 Empties!

TAG: All I want for Christmas – EN/BG

christmas eve home tree wine friends girls RÖD Wine red sweater guitar

So, another day, another TAG...I did not intend to write a second one, but I really could not skip the invitation of the lovely Magi from grimche.com ❤ and here we are...with some more questions and asnwers about the most wonderful time of the year! Е, време е за още едн ТАГ...изобщо не планирах да … Continue reading TAG: All I want for Christmas – EN/BG